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I have seen the light and it is huge! Kingsized, even!! Saturday found the Degenerate Press staff at the Point for the Kingsized and Continentals show. It was packed to capacity, then beyond, by the time Mike took the stage to start belting out an astoundingly talented set of lounge-type tunes. The horn section and Mike's smooth voice contantly battled for dominance in a war won only by the listeners. Kelly Hogan lurked near the stage in her usual charmingly downcast state, Caroline of The Ramblers was spotted in the balcony, and other local celebs were helping fill the joint to the rafters. Kingsized called it quits way too soon and the degenerates headed for the upper bar to get out of the crowd and give up trying to get back in for The Continentals.
Sunday was the only Superbowl Party a true degenerate would attend - degenerate SC' TV-free gathing on North Ave. As usual, the anti-football crowd packed the place to babble endlessly about anything BUT sports. The wide variety of food and beverages kept the pigs at the trough until the conversation got too intense to be missed. Eventually the flying Cornelius brothers' endless games were too much sport for the anti-sport crowd and the post-game report began.

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