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Here's a little more post-mordem from New Years from the CEO of the Littleton Art Community and Party Emporium:

"Well party goers, a resounding success if I do say so myself. This is your resident host. I want to thank everyone for coming and for not burning my house to the ground. I know what you're all wondering- "How are they gonna top that next year???" well, we got some plans in the works already but you'll just have to wait and see. For all you first time visitors to the Littleton party ranch I want to extend a special thanks that you decided that this would be the cool place to be. I hope no one was disappointed. I sure wasn't, not to mention the fact that at this very moment I'm drinking the liquor you left. Hah. Well anyway we usually do this twice a year here so keep an ear to the ground about the summertime blast. (Another excuse to get shitty and blow up the place.) Bring your friends. If anyone has reasonable suggestions about improving future parties or just want to talk to me my e-mail is
party on dudes!"

Thanks for having us, or at least letting us party at yer place...
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Degenerate Press staff has been networking, schmoozing, pulling strings and calling in favors to bring you the first annual Degenerated Heart party. The space has been confirmed, though will likely require some infrastructural organization before V-day. O-fficial invites are in the works, map included, and things are beginning to gel so as soon as we know more, you'll know more.

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