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The fallout from the Degenerated Heart party has come floating down the airwaves to the office - nothing but praise from all those bothering to write in! Thanks for all the thanks and such, keep an ear out for the Summertime Blast, July 5, Littleton Campground and Party Emporium.
Need some alternative event listings from you folk! Movies, protests, shows, anything a degenerate would attend!!!

The roomate has a subscription to his hometown paper and I dredged through it searching for news of degenerates from the area one day in the column that bothers me deeply - the crime report section. I picked up the Loafing this week in search of event listings and found the same offensive crap starting up in this paper as well. You know the column about which I write - the one that lists the names of locals charged with crimes. There's a disclaimer at the top, in tiny print, briefly mentioning that these are merely charges, not implying guilt. I've had a brief argument with a certain degenerate with an interest in law regarding this column. I pointed out that it is, at best, very irresponsible of the paper to print this material. The degenerate with which I had this debate pointed out the disclaimer. Disclaimer not withstanding, let's say Joe Sixpack reads that his neighbor has been charged with child molestation. Is he going to think "Innocent until proven guilty."? I have my doubts. Or if Soccer Mom reads that her neighbor's daughter has been charged with Prostitution? The column in the Loafing is apparently paid for by the Atlanta Police Department - your tax dollars at work. The column in the small town paper is done as a service to the community. The attitude seems to be that it's going to help prevent crime but I have a hard time believing that as well. And it's not the job of the local media to "prevent" crime by punishing the ACCUSED, not the convicted CRIMINALS, through public humiliation.
On a lighter note, it's National Condom Week - screw someone today, the safe way.
The Roxy has some great shows coming up. Too bad they're at the Roxy.

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