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Wow, there's a TON of good shows coming up! Lots of gossip and news regarding random Degenerates that will appear in the next Degeneration Excerpt, lots of responses still coming in regarding the whole "crime" reporting editorial and responses to the responses coming to mind, but let's start off with some fluff, shall we?
Check out the Loafing's Music News section for a brief mention on the Degenerate Heart party many of you enjoyed.
"Wait a minute, wait a minute, you ain't seen nothin' yet!"
Al Jolson
The Summertime Blast concepts are bubbling to the surface of the Degenerate Press' Events Coordinator's imagination - mmmmmmm...

Saw the "new" Empire Strikes Back. Maybe it's because I haven't sat through that one a zillion times or maybe they put less into it but I could only barely tell the difference, which was fine by me as I thought a lot of the new stuff in Star Wars was more distracting than entertaining. I was taken to North Dekalb Mall, formerly Market Square, on Lawrencevill Hwy and 285. "Stadium seating" is interesting, though at first being level with the movie screen is weird. Better sound there than at Phipps too, and it's an AMC which means, for us slackers, there's a student discount.

On the whole topic of "crime" reporting and such, I walked in the door and turned on the tube just in time to catch Clinton unveiling the new, highest-ever, budget for anti-drug efforts. Then a degenerate calls and rants about the government and the crime reporting and I rant about drug "wars" back and about the time I hung up I finally realized we were really only ranting about the SYMPTOMS of our doomed society - fascination with our own rapidly accelerating decay - not the causes of the problems themselves. I didn't used to listen to my paranoid friends when they proclaimed the end to be nigh but every time I watch the news I can't help but hear their voices in the back of my head.
Try to rise above it/live in denial/lead by example OR accept that it's gonna happen and stockpile weapons and food in your basement? Decisions decisions.

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