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O-fficial invites for the Degenerated Heart party exist! Many have been broadcast, more are always being sent. If you don't get yours by Wednesday or so let us know.

Friday night the DP staff headed out to see the rerelease of an expensive film about inhuman life forms that took years to make - Microcosmos at The Plaza. A marvelous 2 hour film about bugs with incredible cinematography.
(The DP staff intends on seeing the rerelease of Star Wars as soon as the craze dies down a bit. If you want a date for this, contact us. We'll probably see it at Phipps due to the student discount at AMC theaters.)
Saturday was the Dixie Rockabilly Fest at the Star Bar. The festivities started early with the Ramblers taking the stage by 8:30. The new stand up bass player really rounds out the sound of the mix of Western swing, ol' time country and rockabilly. Caroline, the lead singer, kept kissing up to the DP reporters but she needn't bother, they sounded fabulous.
The joint was the most croweded we've ever seen, even worse than Bubbapalooza, but we stuck it out for the Ramblers entire set.
Sonny George from Nashville followed, backed up by The Ramblers' bass and members from The Blacktop Rockets. His voice is a dead ringer for Elvis and the illusion was furthered by his black leather attire. The crowd was intolerable, however, and we frequently trekked downstairs for alcohol and oxygen. We ran into Anke, formerly of The Ramblers, who is still in search of a new band.
Upstairs the fashion show and tatoo raffle slide by and the crowd this out just enough to be able to take a breath without knocking someone's drink over.
The Black Top Rockets hit the stage for an energetic and loose performance. As always, they get the crowd wiggling. We handed out several invites for the Degenerate Heart Party and mingled amongst the 50's wannabe crowd.
The Frantic Flattops followed, adding more energy to the mix. Other degenerates appear and the crowd this some more - you could actually turn around without stepping on someone! The Frantic Flattops lived up to their name, both frantic and flattopped. However, the reporters couldn't take much more and made their parting shots before abandoning ship around 2. Other degenerates stuck around until they were forcibly removed by the Star Bar management.
Sunday came and trashed it out again with the DP staff getting the Cornelius Cabbagetown Crib ready for the Degenerate Heart Party. As much cleaning and infrastructural adjustments as necessary so that we can bring you the biggest DP event ever! If you haven't gotten your invite by Wednesday, contact us!!

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