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I was arguing with the 13 year old we have around the office on occasion today. He'd just spent a week down at the Capital building getting brainwashed by his State Senator, a republican. I was battling his programming with propoganda of my own in the usual fashion when suddenly he brought to light a brilliant revellation. I'll try to reconstruct the conversation as best I can recall.
"So what's your opinion of foreign policy? I mean, do you think we should be the police force for the world?" Kid
"For starters, there is no 'foreign.' Define 'country.' What is a country? It's a set of lines that I didn't draw, the person in that country like me didn't draw. Why should I care any less about him than about my neighbor?" Degenerate Press
"Countries are places where people's taxes go to another government." Kid
"Yes, but do you have a choice in those taxes? I pay mine because I have to, he pays his because he has to. If I had a choice I'd send my taxes to Finland. They seem to have a pretty good system over there."
It occurred to be a while later that the kid had hit the nail on the head - we don't care about them damn fereigners because we don't get their taxes.

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