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A few degenerates showed up at The Point thursday in time to see The Titanics take the stage. Their sound has nothing in common with the former ship of the same name - unassuming in appearance, stripped down, and harder than any iceberg. They've got a mess of shows coming up so for those who missed it you can check your local Prophesy.
Rubbed elbows with the Woggles, some Subsonics, a kitten from Catfight, the #1 #1 Family Mover, a babe from Babyfat, and a horde of inferior media types before the Woggles took the stage, only to be quickly quieted by a blown amp. By the time the technical challenges were overcome they had to cut their set down to a few furious tunes.
An almost intolerable delay later, Servatron ascended to start their robotic revelry. They're a bit of Man or Astroman, a lot of Devolution, and a pile of circuitboard-covered costumes. Interesting for a while, redundant in the long haul. So haul we did, our butts that is, out of there around 1:15 AM after a marvelous show, all for the benefit of the best radio station in town, 88.5. Wow!

Friday we sent a reporter out on a road trip, starting with Memphis then working west toward the Grand Canyon. He'll return and file reports for Degeneration Excerpt (don't you wish you were a subscriber?) A couple of days later we'll send another reporter to New Orleans for St. Pat's day. He'll return, file a report, and we'll send yet another to Colorado! Where else you gonna get coverage like this?!?! Photos and interesting detail to appear in the next Degeneration Excerpt, subscribe today!

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