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A decade of decadance and Degeneration at Dottie's came to a head Friday! The Mouthbreathers kicked things off with a pair of KISS boots and a pocket full of metal. Weird thing is, these guys were having WAY too much fun to be carrying the heavy metal tunes they handled with laughter. Where Spinal Tap is funny because they DON'T know what they're doing, The Mouthbreathers smile knowingly and hurl out reference jokes between every song. They started the evening with "Hello Cleveland, we are Nightranger!" and the Dennis-Miller-does-Gen-X-music-reference-joke-night got deeper from there. The first metal band I've seen that doesn't take themselves too seriously! My only complaint was that the mixing was off and the lyrics sounded like grinding gears.
The crowd was all giggles by the time 17 Years came on, every tune a punk classic even if it's one of their own brand new originals. All the local music celebs were thrashing about and smiling ear to ear. The bass player from The Mouthbreathers was bustin' some breakdancing moves on the floor, cracking up everyone around, and a random drunk tried to join him, only to fall into the lead singer's mike. Even the singer cracked a smile.
El Caminos came on, eyelids already at half mast. Jennifer of Catfight insisted El Caminos go on before Catfight "or they'll be too drunk to play." She complained of this problem before and mentioned the band's recent meeting about "trying to stay sober at least till they get on stage." Well, they didn't make it Friday, in fact they were already in an altered state of some sort when they walked in the door. But that didn't stop 'em, oh no, they were the loudest and meanest yet, though they could use a dose of Mouthbreather humor. I hit the road, allowing Degenerate Press' other reporters to cover the second shift.
"You were right, they were fuckin' rockin'!" they reported, having caught the end of El Caminos' set. The Catfight show was fabulous, as always, and I was sorry to miss the grand finale "Strutter" KISS-o-rama with pieces and parts from all the aforementioned acts joining in.
Saturday Degenerate Press reporters roamed near and far, some headed to Athens to confirm the rumors that Ginger is the queen of Degeneration, then to the ConTour party to propogandize our various efforts, including the Summertime Blast. A brief blow through The Globe and Manhattan found no worthy victims so it was home again jiggidy. Other reporters stayed in town to hit the Mill, Neighbor's Pub, and The Chamber, generating some favorable ratings, though nothing stunning.
Sunday the web updates continued, as it was to miserable to do anything else. Hope the weather isn't like this next weekend for Music Midtown! The new improved site should be uploaded later this week.
Sunday night The Star Bar hosted the Hamm Jam, a benefit for Joe Hamm, their sound man who's recently had portions of his colon removed. The Ramblers kicked it off with a stuttering set, stopping frequently for technical difficulties. When they were go, they went, then they'd stop again, then go, then stop, so the crowd never could get into the groove properly. But a few dancers twirled about to the wester swing and rockabilly tunes they skillfully pumped out with Caroline's Jessica Rabbit/Patsy Cline voice. Slim Chance and "the Spice Boys", more often known as the Convicts, followed with a hearfelt country set, including a hilarious modified "Hey Joe" for Joe Hamm:
"Hey Joe, where you goin' with that microphone in your hand?
Hey Joe, where you goin' with that mic in your hand?
I'm going down to the Star Bar
To set up for some Honky Tonk band..." etc. etc. A country fried version of Al Greene's Take Me To The River was the finale.
The jazz-influenced lounge of Kingsized got the crowd boppin', including a campy dance by Frederick and Greg, twirls and all, though neither dared dip the other. Giggles from all who could see them amongst the crowd followed. Kelly Hogan got up to join Mike and thrilled the house and it was just damn good.
The Continentals followed, but your reporters failed to pull themselves away from a charming conversation in the basement bar so you'll have to wait for the Loafing's report on the end of the show. As always, "YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE."
To top off the evening, Joe Hamm himself escorted the DP reporters to the door, closing the joint down. Thanks again, Star Bar!

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