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How many damned times do we have to go through this? If ANYone out there, Mitch Skandalakis included, can give me a RATIONAL reason to outlaw strip clubs, I'm all ears!
The argument that they attract crime is invalid. Highways attract speeders. Houses attract burglars. Stocks attract inside traders. However, you don't ban the activity attracting the criminals, you arrest the criminals.
If, due to our narrow minded society, such a club reduces surrounded property values then make it a zoning issue, just like gas stations and other undesirable businesses.
And going at this by outlawing liquor in places with nude dancing is so senseless I don't know where to begin. It's not a rational approach, merely an effective one. It's NOT like someone said "Hey, strip bars would be a valuable resource to a community if they just didn't serve alcohol." Nor is anyone of the belief that bars without strippers are pillars of virtue in the community. It's just a guerilla tactic to force these establishments out of business.
So if anyone can give me a reason why I shouldn't be allowed to have a beer and look at some anatomy that 51% of the populace has, please contact us immediately. Maybe I've been doing something wrong...

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