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"I guess one person CAN make a difference, but most of the time they probably shouldn't."
Marge Simpson

Wow, actually had response to the Propaganda of last episode! Wasn't sure anyone would notice:
"I called the VW number this morning. I have to say that at first I thought I'd connected to a sex line on account of the INCREDIBLY hot voice of that foxy Fraulein on the recording you get when you first dial in. Anyway, like you, I ultimately was patched through to an operator who was quite happy to take my call and chat about the car- maker's sponsorship of the ELLEN show and about the funny two-part VW commercial in which those two (possibly gay) guys pick up the abandoned chair by the roadside in their new Golf.
Sooooo, I did my part for VW, for the DGens, for ELLEN, and for all my queer chums this morning -- and, I tell ya, I'M BIGGER AND BETTER MAN FOR IT!"

"Here's some info on Bayer:"

"Calvin Klien is part of Lever International"

The Propoganda section is still down there this episode. I'd like to keep going with other propoganda so get off yer ass and on yer soapbox and send us somethin'!

We got this response from the folks at Atlanta Sideshow:
"As for us imitating your magazine, I don't think that happened. I'd never seen nor heard of Degenerate Press prior to the e-mail. If our publications were seperated at birth, I guess we're gonna have to chalk this one up as coincidence. Watch your back, we're coming to get you.
Best of luck with Degenerate Press. Publishing is a living hell, but can be quite enjoyable, and I sincerely wish you guys success. But remember what the bumper sticker says: Prayer Changes Things. So start praying, because we're about to eat you up like a Weight Watchers meeting at a Shoney's Breakfast Bar."

uh, yeah. Shakin' in my virtual boots. In addition, got this:
"'The Atlanta Sideshow is not bad...' I picked one up at Aurora this morning. YES, it IS bad. What a piece of crap!"
Thanks for the confirmation! We'll keep you confidential so that should yer band need bad press, you'll still have the oportunity with the upstarts.

"It's everything you love stuffed in a big warm soft pita." says a Wendy's ad. Sounds obscene, don't it?

Caught The Hepburns Friday night at The Star Bar. Johnny Cash would like these kids, like the Rock-A-Teens paying tribute to their growing up country. Dark rock and country with sleepy undertones. Rumor has it they ain't gonna be around much longer so catch 'em while you can. Wish they had a big double CD.
There's only a couple of places in town that I'll use the word "explode" on, but Friday the Star Bar exploded. 7 Ft. Politic had their premier performance with the trumpet player at the joint months past and since they've only gotten better and better. Tight as a bank safe, a vast vault from which they extract the coolist in swing and rockabilly. Just kept turnin' up the heat 'till their last tune had the swing kids throwing chairs out of the way and the drum sticks were splintering shards into the appreciative crowd! Lots of local celebs on hand but nobody seemed to notice as they were boppin' their heads and swingin' their hips. A sore throat forced me to leave at the end of the first encore but it wouldn't suprise me to find the fans demanded another.

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