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Don't know why, but we got mention in this month's INsite magazine regarding our July 5 Summertime Blast. Uh, thanks, guys! By the way, INsite has improved 1000% in the last couple of years. You'd almost think college students aren't just out to get hammered, laid, and underpaid. However, they still insist on printing stories about vacation spots no college student can possibly afford. My guess is that they use it as an excuse to send themselves to these places so they can write about 'em. And there's the often offensive "What's Hip/What's Not" column. Ah well, at least they aren't University Reporter anymore.
In case you ain't heard, we got 5 bands (Dragline and Catfight! make their second appearance at a degenerate gathering, The Penetrators will get you hanging 10 in the yard, Slim Fatz will not rock your blues away but you'll feel better afterward regardless, and Me and the Soup will bring their multi-genre cross-breeding into the hills, something the inbred folk up there need desparately.), we got BBQ (though orthadox Jews or Muslims may have to go hungry, along with anyone that shows up late), we'll have beer (kegs of various flavor, as well as homebrew, maybe), and, of course, explosives (we can always use more, bring that sack of bottle rockets your inner adolescent stashed in the closet!) Stay tuned.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone wants to see the new improved web stuff. We're workin' on it! Rome wasn't degenerated in a day! The Electric Degeneration archive, featuring all the ED's about local bands and Degenerate Press road trips, has finally been uploaded. Until the O-fficial link exists, you can check 'em out at
Full reviews of the bands mentioned in Ear Plugs for Atlanta, humorous tales of degeneration on the road, y'know the usual quality stuff we broadcast twice a week via email, 6 times a year via snail mail.
Speaking of snail mail, we're working on the next episode of Degeneration Excerpt, the paper broadcast - now in color! We need articles from you, our degenerate following. Broadcast will be early June but the last episode took forever to compile so we'd like to get a head start. Get your head started and write!

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Friday the wandering writers, the roving reporters, the flying frijoles of Degenerate Press headed to their den away from home, Dottie's, for The Flipped Whigs, Catfight!, and The Woggles.
Remember The Troggs when they were still in high school, the night they had two too many beers? No?!? Well, check The Flipped Whigs for your flashback. Cool Vox amps and other vintage equipment can't make up for a lack of practice time. Give 'em two months and they could majorly kick ass on the go go circuit, however.
Catfight followed, superior as always. They were getting mentally prepared for a video shoot the following morning for their tune "Back Seat Baby."
The Woggles, returning from a tour of Japan, created a tsunami of sound for the go go dancin' crowd that gathered 'round the low stage at Dottie's. They were getting mentally prepared for a tour of the south and east U.S. starting late May.
Saturday was more delight, with The Hoods opening the evening at the Star Bar with instrumental rockabilly, surf, and other big guitar music led by a talented guy that looks like David Crosby lost 100 lbs. Greg from the Loafing said he'd been in The Hampton Grease Band and opened for Hendrix. His age was showing but it hardly slowed down the assault. They wrapped up the set with the 60's version of the Bond theme, major buttkickers.
"We're Kingsized, as seen on TV." announced Mike as the band took the stage. "When?!?" I shouted back. A girl next to me said they'd been shown on the news last week on a "return of swing" thing. Obvious by the beyond capacity crowd, lots of people saw the same report. It quickly grew intolerably hot and crowded so we headed out to get some air and chat 'till the yupster contingent hit the road, freeing up enough space to at least stand and watch as Kingsized lived up to their name. The second encore closed with the editor's ALL-time favorite song and Trivial Contest from last Degeneration Excerpt - King Louie's "I wanna be like you" from The Jungle Book. Thank you, guys, for yet again a superior evening.
Oh yeah, chatted with Steve of Dottie's and Chewie Music, he needs everyone that wants to attend Surfari USA, June 21, Variety Playhouse, to buy their tickets NOW so they can guarantee the space.

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