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The web updates continue, though, as many of you have pointed out, none of the new improved stuff is yet available for public consumption. We're WORKIN' on it!! Rome wasn't Degenerated in a day, y'know!

Tuesday was International Night at Dottie's. Local jazz trio Beyondsemble kicked things off with freeform jazz, your editor's second least favorite form of music. Deeply irritating. Czech boys Uz Jsme Doma followed with a really cool sound, like a Russian train - extremely well timed and oiled but a bit worrisome at times with the fast pace like it might derail at any minute, except the engineer's done this course a zillion times before so he keeps it on the tracks, barely. Kind of a ska-influenced sound but you couldn't understand a word of it since it's all in Czech. Fun regardless.
Local boys influenced by sounds from far and wide Me and the Soup finished the evening off, giving a preview of the ecclectic mix you'll see at Degenerate Press' next blowout, July 5's Summertime Blast. Bands are confirming as you read this and it's looking like the usual thrill-filled ride.

"It's the apocolypse, motives are incidental!"
Johnny Depp, from Scream

In case you've been under a rock for the least couple of years, there's a militia group holed up in the U.S. somewhere every day, a bomb every day (one in Georgia last week didn't even make the news), bomb threats more times a day than anyone bothers to count, and endless tirades on the increasingly combative talk shows on radio and television every hour. Can't we all just get along? Really, people, shut up and try to raise YOUR kids right, don't worry about your neighbors unless they get on your lawn, and don't think you know the answers for everyone.

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