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A report from degenerate DJN:
This degenerate dancer doesn't recommend Swing night at the Masquerade, It seems the Love of music has been slowly pushed aside for the love of trend. My advice is to get a freebee pass from the masquerades' web site ( as long as they offer them) Get in on the free dance lesson. Then go home and practice. This will give you the opportunity to actually have fun dancing somewhere else on another evening. The lesson section of the night would be good for the beginning dancer; however this section could be helped tremendously if they would feature some swing music between each lesson. The Dance Bass Courtett began playing after the lesson section. But this is no big band sound. These guys have some talent in the group, and a good saxophone player. But they seem to have the energy level of a washed up lounge singer. This degenerate did not appease his loose feet, and headed to the waffle house for a late night dinner.

Thanks for the report! Reminder for all you out there in the studio audience, we'd like participation in this ludicrous broadcast we call Electric Degeneration! Send in your Blasphemy, Ear Plugs, and Prophesy today!

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