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Summer's here and the time is right for spending WAAAY too much at the theater. Everyone runs up and asks if I've seen Lost World yet, or Addicted to Love, or Chasing Amy, or Batman, or or or....
"Is it first run?" I reply.
"Then no."
Somebody figured out that with all the massive spending Hollywood has done this year on the huge numbers of huge blockbusters that there is no way for them to make their money back. There's just soo many big budget films out at once.
Damn, I feel so sorry for 'em.
It's not just that our entertainment budget is far too tiny to afford seeing first run films, even at the matinee or student discount rate, but that, unlike voting, spending money actually does send a message. It tells Hollywood that as long as they throw money at something it will attract attention. So independant filmmakers are guaranteed no, or very little, attention. Send a message today - check out the Atlanta film festival, or just wait a couple of weeks and catch the blockbusters at the Plaza for $2.

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