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First weekend after a long quarter and Degenerate Press was out to celebrate. Friday kicked things of with Adventure! A beer at the point dulled the inhibitions of the travellers enough for their journey to The Otherside, local bar for ladies who love the ladies. They have new t-shirst that cracked me up immediately - "Why did the bomber cross the road? To get to..." Very cute. A couple of beers later we're enjoying the floor show - a stripper with ridiculously huge silicone breasts wearing a stars and stripes bikini dances around to the cheering crowd. She probably make $200 in the 9 minutes or so she was there before heading back to her normal club. So here's your blasphemous question of the week:
Is it that lesbians love that bad 80's redneck haircut, you know the one we had back in '83 - short in front, spiked on top, long and scragly in the back, or is it that they love that haircut and can't find a male date? C'mon, ladies, NOBODY looks good in that hair!
Some booty shakin' follows until the DJ starts playing boot scootin' music. "This place is a redneck bar for lesbians!" says Frederick. Time to scoot out, on to the 24 Karat Club to see degenerate Amy shake her thing, along with the other dancers there. Nobody could take much more adventure (too perilous) and we headed out about 3:30 - "Bowling and The Heretic next time!" declares Fearless Leader.
Saturday, after a whirlwind tour of North Georgia, the staff of Degenerate Press is at the Point again, this time for Harvey Milk and The Rock*A*Teens. Harvey Milk is like 80's metal pop all grown up. Very Van Halen-esque guitar licks but the lyrics were a little... OK, a LOT more meaningful. Kept waiting for the pyrotechnics but they never came. Well, not literally. Metaphorically, the pyro came in the form of the Rock*A*Teens with Kelly Hogan for the last time. "They're so good.... I've got chills!" says a degenerate. Beautifully tragic and sad. Even sadder knowing it's Kelly's last gig with them. Their CD's are excellent but the live show really put the heart in heartbreak!
Sunday kicked off early, too early, at Northside Tavern for the "Giving it back" festival - a massive day of blues for $5. Things started early with spirituals done by locals famous and unknown and I had a huge report on this event but it would take pages and pages and this is late enough already. Suffice it to say, I enjoyed all 11 hours I was there and when I left the joint was still hoppin' with no sign of stoppin'. The news showed up, just in time to see the young white guys paying tribute to the old black guys for whom the fest was organized. The news arrived too early to see said old black guys and left too early to see their return so if you caught WGNX's coverage of this event you caught absolutely nothing. But then, you should have been there in person anyway...

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