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"I'm no hard worker,
I can play a long long time.
I'm no hard worker, baby,
I can play a long long time.
If I don't drive you crazy
I'll tantalize your mind."
From I Can Make It With You, sung by Jimmy Witherspoon

No Blasphemy today, having too much fun.

Caught Hick'ry Hawkins and Sidemeat at the Star Bar friday, boys from up Dragline's way kickin' out the country jams and "out to fuck shit up", as John put it. Fun. The main course, Redneck GReece was fun, as always. It was Greg Reece's birthday and Blondie, of Clermont Lounge and soon to be comic book fame, showed up, stipped to a pair of insanely short cutoff shorts and shook her thing around to the tune of Mama Was A Dancer At The Clermont Lounge. She did her famous beer can crush with her breasts, hurling the not-quite-empty PBR's into the crowd, sending the yupsters scattering and the regularls leaping for a souveneer. Heck of a show!

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