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I love getting email:

">PLEASE STOP SENDING ME DEGEN STUFF!!!! I understand that some people enjoy it and want to read it. Hell...I was one of those people not too long ago but right now I am not. Take my advice and send it to the people that really want it. I choose to take my own advice on most matters and that includes parties, clubs, groups, gatherings, watering holes, and the rest of it. Though I may stop by Dottie's on occasion and have a sudden need for torture (which means regressing back to the degenerates), that does not mean that I need all the "wordy" e-mail that you have to send to any desperate soul. Thanks....but no thanks. Hope the party is a screaming success!!!!"

Hey, with a testamonial like that, how could anyone NOT come to the party! Knowing peole like that WON'T be there should send you all running for the hills!!
This will be the last Electric Degeneration before said big Summertime Blast this weekend. No doubt, we'll be seeing many of you there, the rest of you just suck. We'll be documenting the event in video, photo, and text in case we need the evidence in court, but little of this will appear in the free broadcasts of Degenerate Press. LOTS of it will likely appear in Degeneration Excerpt, the only service for which we ask donations (ad free, bimonthly, paper-based broadcast of excessive quality, $8 a year - contact us.) but you'll probably be hearing about it for weeks, regardless.
See you there!
p.s. Several of you have emailed or called to complain that you didn't get the official invites - blame the U.S. Postal "Service", blame your editor's overly busy schedule, or just blame the fates, but we apologize. Directions are at the bottom of this email and that should get you there. Print them, follow them, love them, justify them.

Ah, so much going on - a few celebs kicked the bucket, the weather is perfect for those of us that like insanely high temperatures, the usual insanity that is the U.S. political system, and then there's China. They've been promoting the idea of "one country, two systems of government" regarding the whole Hong Kong thing. Frankly, I'm not sure they can afford to wreck Hong Kong with a totalitarian regime - they need the money - but I'm as worried as the next conscious human. But a thought occurs to me. If they DO keep any of the freedoms intact in Hong Kong, what's to keep the ideas from spreading? When the states in the North began outlawing slavery, what happened to the slaves in the South? Heck, they moved! Economic opportunity + freedom has been a motivator for humans since the dawn of time. So I wonder how China is going to prevent a massive influx of people wanting to make a buck. Of course, I have theories as to how they'll do it, but I'm hoping I'm wrong...
Good luck, Thailand!

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