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>Congratulations !
Your Web site was named a "Mr. Media Web Site of the Week" for the week of 062397 .
Mr. Media is a syndicated weekly newspaper column distributed by Universal Press Syndicate. The column appears in print and/or on-line in newspapers such as the Arizona Republic (Arizona Central), Sarasota Herald-Tribune (Florida), Gainesville Sun (Eclipse Magazine, Florida), Sacramento Bee, (California), Focus (Tampa Bay, Florida), City Pages (Minneapolis) and the Islamorada Free Press (Florida Keys).
If you post the attached award, please link it back to the Mr. Media home page, .
Thank you and once more, congratulations!

Of course, when I actually WENT to their site I couldn't find any mention of Degenerates anywhere, though it is a nice site. Maybe they just ain't gotten around to it yet or maybe its just a dirty trick to get me to go to their site. I'll check back and keep you posted.
We've also been selected by for their big listing of cool sites about Atlanta and I must say I'm kinda flattered by their reviews - five stars! Imagine what we could accomplish if somebody actually PAID us to do this...
Speaking of, the planned art gathering is gaining momentum. The new showroom is nearly complete so we're looking ahead to a big opening show soon. Keep your ears peeled and your bank account full! Oh yeah, this may be combined with the editors BIG THREE O, that's right, three score and many tales of degeneration ago, my mother squeezed out your editor, as of October 22. Festivities imagined but not yet planned. We'll keep you posted.

All hail Dottie's! The usual Tuesday night, free pool and cheap beer, came with an added bonus this week - punk with a horn section. Brown Hornet is the strangest sound I think I've ever heard at this oft-strange joint. Picture this: a circus comes to town. The circus band is sitting around doing shrooms when someone comes in and says "Guys, I just overheard - you aren't supposed to know, but you're getting fired right after tonight's show." The band decides to go out with a bang - they each do 3 lines of coke off the coffee table and rush out just in time for the curtains to go up. OK, maybe your imagination isn't as vivid as mine - it was wild. The horns and the cheesy hockey-arena keyboards backing up punk guitars and punk vocals, mixed in with a few reference jokes, a weird Boston cover, and constant inexplicable breaks in the music. This can't last, so if you get a chance to see them, definitely do it. Unfortunately, they're from Austin, TX, and are on the road headed North (somewhere in the Carolinas this week, Philly by the weekend, NYC somewhere along there, etc.)

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