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"I went to the DegeneratePress party this weekend and had a blast! You guys throw a great party!"
YOU saw the stupendous Slim Fatz kick things off with blues you could use, really set your soul right for the festivities.
YOU ate the best roast BBQ ever consumed by humans.
YOU drank plenty of beer and ate more jello shooters than should be eaten by several humans.
"what a hoot of a party....i ain't had that much fun since i got abducted by lesbian aliens in 1986..... so i made it home in one piece..... slept a long time and actually recouped pretty well...that's the most intoxicated i've been in around a year or so....and it was wonderfull... really enjoyed the whole thang...Hats off to the Degenerate Press for having such a wickedly Degenerate bash!!!"
Then YOU jammed to the multigenre tunage of Me and the Soup.
MORE beer.
MORE Jello - (there's always room for Jello)
"Thanks again for the jello!"
Catfight rocked YOUR world.
"That party was amazing, Fred. I can't wait for the next one!!!!"
YOU ran out of barbecue.
Dragline kicked YOUR ass.
"it was a killer party. Yer record is perfect -- you've put on the two best bashes of the year so far!"
There's always room for MORE Jello!
"Great party, but there's not enough jello shooters!"
Random musicians got together to do random gospel songs and put the fear of God in YOUR soul.
"It's all good, baby!"
The Man showed up twice to try to stop YOU from having a good time - and failed!
"I'm fucked up & haven a good ole time in Georgia"
YOU bought amazing Weird Fantasy t-shirts for a mere $10!
YOU stayed until everyone was pitching tents and slinking off to their cars.
"My only complaint about the shindig was that it just wasn't *quite* remote enough."
Pictures of YOU were broadcast same-day via digital camera and can still be found in an odd collection of imagery at (We'll sort this mess soon so YOU can see only the best of the lot and recall the evening with fond memories!)
YOU did all sorts of bizarre, degenerate activities in aforementioned tents, cars, and any other dark corner that was convenient (damn, YOU degenerates have some tales!)
"You won't believe what I just did..."
And YOU stayed for a little Jello of the Dog the next morning, a trip to the river, and lunch.
What?!? That wasn't YOU?
Oh yeah, I still have three t-shirts left, going to the highest bidder by Friday, or sooner if I get hungry. Then YOU can say "Degenerate Press threw the most astounding party and all I got was a lousy t-shirt." you WIMP.
I'd like to thank everyone for attending and, of course, I'd like to give massive thanks to the bands for performing, degenerate SL for hosting, Frank Campbell for cooking, and myself for working my ass off for a couple of months trying to get it all duct taped together. Everyone has been asking when the next Degenerate gathering is - October 31, Halloween, with live music as yet to be named, in a location yet to be FOUND (anyone know a good warehouse party space in Atlanta with ample power and bathrooms?)
Oh yeah, that was the last freebie.
Stay tuned.

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