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Anybody slack enough to watch MTV besides our editor? Nah, didn't think so, but if you had you might have caught Neil Young on the Week in Rock news show sporting a Squirrel Nut Zippers cap.
Meanwhile, out on the town, some Degenerates headed over to the Darkhorse Tavern for our annual "WHY do we hate this joint again?" reinvestigative report. "Oh yeah, it so crowded you can't move, so hot you can't breath, so loud you can't think, and the service so lousy you can't get a drink." Unfortunately, we just missed Me and the Soup. Glad they packed the house but get a bigger house if you want us back. More unfortunately, however, we arrived just in time to catch Spider Monkey. Three frat boys took the 311 "how to be a band" video course and decided it was more important to look good and smile big than to sound good or have talent. Deeply irritating, at best. Didn't help that it was at the Dorkhouse Tavern either.
Saturday we bumped, literally, into the lead singer of Rage Against the Machine doing some shopping in Little 5. (Jeff Clarke makes sure to mention how much he hates these guys in EVERY publication of his rag each month. His other constant is how much he lusts after Jennifer of Catfight! Wish he'd come up with a new love AND hate. But then we wouldn't get so many entertaining complaints about him and so many great compliments about Ear Plugs for Atlanta. Ah well.)
Later we headed over to the Clermont Lounge for Romeo Cologne's funk set. It's the perfect setting, Blondie shakin' her thang overhead while sipping canned bear, but the crowd is not the most fun. Catch Tuesdays at the Star Bar instead.

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