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I got free tickets to a Braves game on Sunday. It's the only way us slackers can afford to go. The seats were pretty good - they'd better be for the $20 price tag shown on the ticket! I found an empty meter spot downtown and walked the mile to the stadium to avoid the $7 parking. My date hit the Taco Hell across the street and got a complete meal for $3 - I decided to blow my week's savings on a $4.25 hot dog, though I couldn't afford the $4.50 CAN of beer. I considered borrowing some cash from my date to get a $2.50 pretzel but decided it probably wasn't worth it.
No doubt you've heard the complaints about the prices at Turner Field already, so what's the point?
In the second inning it was posted on the giant monitor that Greg Maddux (sorry for the spelling, Greg) had just signed a contract for $57,500,000 for the next 5 years - and the fans cheered. CHEERED.
"YAAAAY, I just payed $4.25 for a hotdog so I could watch some other weinie play baseball and get paid more than the President of the U.S.! Hooray!!"
We made it through the 4th inning of what is likely to be the second most boring sport in the history of mankind (since Bowling cannot be considered a sport, Golf takes the prime spot. But then I've never had to sit through a Cricket match...) then the rain came and we decided it would be more fun, and much cheaper, to walk the mile back in the rain and get a cup of coffee than to stick around until hunger or thirst drove us to the concession stands again.

"If all the year were playing holidays,
To sport would be as tedious as to work;"
Shakespeare, from Henry IV

Oh yeah, regarding the whole UPS/Teamsters thing - anybody remember Eastern Airlines??

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