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DEJA VU all over again:
Got this from degenerate GN:
"I went out to my Public Storage unit today to get my Japan-only Ventures albums to loan to Rip Thrillby, and discovered I'd been ROBBED. The lock on the shed was cut -- and ALL my 45s, plus four or five peach crates full of LPs, were stolen. I can't even begin to iterate the loss -- signed albums (including the notorious Iggy cover), picture discs, rare never-rereleased stuff, bootlegs.... Probably 600 LPs and about 300 singles. Yeah -- R.E.M. on Hibtone, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash on Sun, etc."
Also was told of a degenerate's friend getting mugged and shot in my neighborhood last weekend. Don't know why the public is still under the impression that crime is a problem, despite the decreased crime rate...
So if anybody out there knows a great deal on some old vinyl or a new laptop, please let us know. Or a good place to get renter's insurance. Or a good small firearm to carry and where to get a permit for such.

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