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Quite some time ago I put out a call for a new cool strip club to go to, and got an earful of nothing in response. So a bunch of degenerates gathered together to research the problem without any pointers from the subscribers at large. I picked a wide spectrum of researchers, male and female, strait and not-so-strait, and hit the streets.
First on the list was the Dollhouse on Cheshire Bridge, the Strip strip. We found it was called the Dollhouse not because of the precious beauty of it's dancers but because of it's size. Two stages and perhaps 15 tables crowded into the tiny place. Nice people, which is a HUGE plus in my book, but no talent worth looking at and no sleaze factor to enjoy.
Next was the legendary Tattletales. Much larger, lots of talent, friendly staff but really dull clientelle - cookie cutter sporty yupsters and a complete lack of sleaze.
Of course, at the top of the sleaze heap is Cleremont Lounge, but crowd watching there amuses for only half an hour, after which you may be forced to look at the dancers, who look as if they may be mere minutes away from their shift at the Majestic up the street.
On the other end of the dancer spectrum is the Cheetah. But the women there are about as personable as vending machines, and they looked as if they were manufactured in the same assembly-line procedure - same breast job, same hair, same smile, same moves. It's huge, a sensory overload of flashing flesh, flashing lights, flashing smiles, and flashing dollars. But soon you'll feel like you're in the Disney of Nudity - plastic, dull, expensive.
So again I ask - anybody know of a good strip club with a mix of friendly staff, talented dancers, and big enough to have the mysterious dark corners with sleazy happenings going on?

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