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Friday Night was College Night at the High. Yet again they've proven it's NOT the place to hear the audible arts, thought the current visual exhibit is very cool- see it before it's taken down for Picasso in November. I arrived just in time to catch LoveApples' last number, not enough to give a real review. I did see all of the somewhat folky Josh Joplin band in one of their last appearances under that name - songs full of meaning and feelings and... stuff. Led by an acoustic guitar for most of the set, with an electric bass and drums for punch. Having seen Shock Lobo before, I cut out and headed over to The Point and beat up on their new pinball machines. For some reason the Bass on tap is 50 cents cheaper than the Star Bar so for future reference, get a couple in ya' in the back bar there before heading across the street for a show.
And what a show! Jane West and the Lone Star Impalas are several cute girls dressed in impeccable 50's men's attire. Lots of girls that like girls packing the place and yelling appreciation for the mix of rockabilly, swing, lounge, and surf tunes of the 50's-60's era. Four stars, five when one of the girl's sister Sharon slinks on stage in lingerie and shakes her stuff. Drove all the young girls AND guys crazy.
Kingsized followed, then led the crowd into a dancing frenzy. Yet again, I've never seen so many people jumping around the Star Bar without Romeo Cologne at the wheel. Around 3 the guys finally called it quits, everyone's skin as covered in sweat as the floor.
Saturday, instead of doing the arts "festival", the Degenerate Press staff did the Cheshire Bridge Cat Walk - lots of antique dealers peddling their stuff in yard sale type fashion in the parking lots.
Saturday night at Dottie's won out on the huge list of what-to-do's. Jack Black opening things up with a punkabilly type rock that included a cool tribute to local boy with The Ballad of Gregory Dean. I think it's the first show I've seen at Dottie's since they finished the ceiling so the band's signature tune GTO sounded great - no longer lost in the rafters but rolling out through the bar like a car out of control.
The New Jack Rubies followed, the lead singer's voice something like Billy Idol doing very Crampy tunes.
Mondo Topless came down from Philly with Vox equipment and hair that made me think Flypped Whig but then they started playing and rocked far harder - more like a Kinky Doors, sans acid + speed - stuff that would've sounded appropriate in Jack Black's '69 GTO when it was new.
Catfight! recovered from a long drive back from Tuscaloosa enough to get themselves and the crowd into hip shakin' head boppin' frenzy. Another day, another stunning show!

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