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HELP! I don’t know how but we lost all our August and September Electric Degeneration episodes. If you have ‘em email ‘em back to us PLEASE. No, I don’t know what happened in there, they’ve just all vanished between 7/30 and 9/27. I may have accidentally deleted them in cleaning out the excess mail or maybe my machine ate them, which leads me to today’s

I work with these machines every day, for many hours a day. “They only do what you tell them to.” has been a phrase thrown around regarding these machines for a long time but I’m here to testify that it’s a bold faced LIE. I frequently can’t even get the machine to do what I tell it to, much less stop doing things I haven’t told it to do. They’ve become more complex than many “living” beings and far more unpredictable. So next time some ass tells you they only do what you tell them to do ask him if he’s ever had to reboot one of the fuckers. Y’know they’ve found weird lifeforms next to volcanic vents at the bottom of the sea that are silicone based instead of carbon based, but I didn’t think they’d crawled onto land and evolved so quickly. Maybe it’s time we changed our definition of “alive.” Kinda funny ‘cause every time I sit down in front of one of the creatures all I can hear is it telling me to “get a life.” Of course, I can’t only do what they tell me to...
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We got this email the other day but couldn't stop laughing long enough to broadcast it until today, and only then by avoiding reading it again:
"This weekend I had the pleasure of hearing one of the greatest 80's cover bands that I have ever seen.  Their name is Member's Only and they played at a Clemson University sorority function.  I have never been so electrified in my life!  This band has an extremely good looking, girl lead singer and three other guys who play instruments and do some songs themselves.  I danced for 3 hours straight.  These guys need to be picked up by a big name booking agent, but not before my fraternity at Wofford College gets them, cause we don't have any big time money.  They are a great college party band and they are from Atlanta."

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