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OK, faithful, I have something to say and you who are fellow mass mailers had better fuckin’ listen:
I only put people who ask to be or ask information of us onto my subscriber list. Occasionally I’ll forget to hide the list and even when I remember it is possible to capture adn use this list. So it is possible that my subscribers get unwanted email from people who are basically thieves. I use the term "thieves" because it is NOT my intent that this broadcast be used in any way but consumed by the reader. It is not to be reproduced in whole or in part and used in any commercial venture, nor is the list to be used to build anyone else’s list.
So to those bands (you know who you are. Unfortunately, EVERYOne knows who you are.) who have “borrowed” or “swapped” this list, FUCKING STOP USING IT.
Here’s a big damn list of reasons:
A, and #1) When people sign on to my list they’re asking to be on MY list, not every list generated by everyone on the list. If they don’t ask for it they probably don’t want it. If you send show notices to me, fine. Great, even. I’ll post the shows I recommend, make jokes about others, and even ignore some because I don’t recommend them or can’t recommend them.
B) Not everyone on this list subscribes for the Atlanta music content. In fact, a lot of the subscribers are not even in Atlanta and have no desire for your gig lists.
C) When you send images or power point presentations or little cutesy executable things they are often unreadable by many users. (By the way, I’m a Mac user, no more .exe files, thanks.) In fact, many of my readers complain that they receive resulting spam through an acount at work and can’t even download these files, or that the files wreck their server, or they have to go through extreme pains to remove them.
D) What kind of review do you think you’re gonna get if I get swamped with complaints about your spam?
E) I don’t just write for this ever-growing, cutting-edge bullshit email zine, I also write for the Loafing, Insite Magazine, and a couple of big entertainment web pages and other stuff at random so if you piss me off I’ll be sure to return the favor and you'll fuckin' feel it.
So there’s my O-fficial warning. You play fair with me and I’ll continue to play fair with you.
Here’s my O-fficial apology to those that received unwanted mail, possibly a result of this, hopefully wanted, mail: Sorry! I’ll buy you a PBR for your troubles.

AMC has a cool Tim Burton short entitled “Vincent”, a Seussian tribute to Vincent Price narrated by same. I caught it tonight and it’s pretty good, glorious black and white thing similar to that halloween christmas thing a couple of years ago. “The Curse of the Mummy,” one of my all time faves, is on right now!

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