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We finally got around to putting the big Ear Plugs Gallery online! Head to the site, and look for the little camera icons. We’ve put a mess of the best pictures we’ve taken in there. Any band interested in using YOUR picture feel free. Anyone else interested contact us. Yes, we have the originals if you want to talk about other media.
In case you don’t read every work of local music press you can get your hands on you might have missed the Nashville Pussy CD release on Mercury of Let Them Eat Pussy, with an EP taped to it of Eat More Pussy, another 6 songs for the same price as the previous release on a smaller label. It’s the first new CD I’ve bought in probably FIVE years and more than worth it, if you like Fucking Rawk and Roll, Baby. It still doesn’t live up to the live show but no recording could.
I also picked up the U2 limited “Best Of” double CD with the b-sides CD, a good collection for those who don’t have time to find all those damned singles and imports and such, or for those of us too lazy to blow the dust off the vinyl and spin up the turntable. Not sure if it was worth the dough or not. Guess you have to be a hardcore U2 fan.
However, I could not purchase “Ain’t No Funk Like N.O. Funk”, though I really want it. The sticker price ($18 at Tower) was just too much so if anyone has a copy they want to get rid of let me know!!!!!

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