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You wouldn’t think your editor would be one to sit through six hours of mostly acoustic folky stuff at Eddie’s Attic, but when they asked me to be one of the judges for the 9th annual Shoot Out my vanity, and the offer of all the free food and drinks I could stand, got the better of me.
I climbed onto an incredibly uncomforable stool, scanned the crowd of butch girls with short hair and not-so-butch guys with long hair, and settled in for a grueling session of mushy, thoughtful, soulful stuff that, in general, I avoid at all costs in my live music selection, only to be impressed, even surprised, at how much fun much of the evening was. 23 artists won the opportunity to play the shoot out by beating out the competition on the Monday night open mic nights. That gave ‘em $60, gas money to get them back for tonight’s competition for $1000. 11 judges of some local celebrity stuffed their faces and held up cards between each round to determine who got to advance. Everyone seemed to be enjoying it, even those who ended up at the bar instead of back on stage as the judges skimmed the cream from the milk. It was a mixed bag of serious, teary-eyed heartbreak and cute little humorous ditties. There were a few duos, but mostly single people with nothing but their acoustic guitar and their vocals. Sometimes it was really tough to pick one over another (Neil, one of the judges, noted the show would move a lot faster if the judges had a gong, but usually it was tough to pick one because they were both excellent.) Eventually it got down to two, Jennifer Daniels, a very pretty young lady with some very interesting songs, and a duo called Lo-fi Masters of two very young guys with really good voices. There could be only one and Lo-fi Masters walked away with the cash. They’re playing the Attic again (like last night), along with just about everyone else on the list and only a few weren’t worth a longer listen so if you’re in the mood for a show but want something a little quieter, and even a little less smokey, head over to Eddie’s.

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