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Friday we headed to the new club in East Atlanta Village, Echo Lounge. It’s a kinda cool place that needs some slight tweeks here and there to be a really cool place (seats in the music area, bathrooms that work, finalization of their liquor license and some serious smoke eaters.) We snuck into the side room, “sort of the Little Vinyl Lounge redone for BARBARELLA” said degenerate Greg, and bumped into Manfred from the Woggles. He gave us the scoop on their recently completed world tour, “Japan and Spain were the best for rock and roll.” he said, then went into graphic detail about crooked Italian customs agents and other high and low lights. Afterward he went back to his conversation with Joe Bob Riggs and significant others.
Retsing started up so we slunk back into the music room. They do kinda sleepy, pretty stuff with talent.
The Rock*A*Teens woke up the crowded room and did a mess of new tunes mixed in with familiar ones. They were more energized than we’d seen for a while and nobody believed it was over when the lights came up after their set. Everyone waited around like it was only a break but the sound guy was busily packing up the stage so we hit the road.
Saturday we got a preview of the upcoming Truckadelic CD. Crisp sound, and a little more country than the last live rock and roll CD. Excellent, of course!

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