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In case you have no other broadcast media, we’re bombing Iraq again. Turn on the news and you’ll get a profound sense of deja vu. However, turn on the radio and you’ll hear DJ’s having a field day with the event - 96 Rock was playing “Us and Them”, while Z93 was playing “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” I realize it's "not our policy" to just assassinate someone or go after an individual (just ask Castro, or Noriega) but the cost of one of them Tomohawk missles could probably pay for a gun-for-hire. There'd be fewer civilian deaths too. And we'd have plenty of time to impeach Clinton for doing what the majority of married people do!
"Somebody gimme a cheeeeeseburger!"
From "Living in the USA" by Steve Miller

Attention musicians: if you’re not watching VH1’s documentary month of shows like Legends and Behind the Music you’re missing some keen insight on what the big big big names did to make it. Regardless of what you think of the group or their music it’s always a good story.

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