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Nothing like getting rid of a sodomy law to touch off a round of puns in the local media. But if you want a good, in-depth story about the whole sordid history of this mess check out Southern Voice. I call it "a win for the homo team" myself, as I have no editor or advertisers I have to answer to...
However, come Dec. 31 the Fulton County strip joints are supposed to stop serving nudity and alcohol at the same time, which made the comments by Zorak on the Christmas Special of Space Ghost particularly ironic,
“With freedom comes.... nudity!”
Unless the appeals and other legal attempts at sanity succeed in an otherwise insane world you might want to go grab a Heiney and see some heiney, or have a PBR and see some T&A, or, for the ladies, some Fighting Cock Bourbon and... well, you get the idea.

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