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Oprah's Beef Defamation Suit - that sounds obscene, no matter what it's about.
"'Now women are mostly troublesome cattle to deal with mostly', said Goggins."
Samuel Lover, from Handy Andy

A girl at work accidentally came up with a good idea for a band:
Edgar Allen Coe - a death-country band!
"Nevermoooore, nevermoooore
That crow kept a'hollerin' 'nevermore'!"
Anyone with the time and balls to get this act together let us know. Would be a great opening act for our July 4 party.
On a more reality-based note, we caught the Mouthbreathers on Friday at the Masquerade. The Masquerade had them on stage way too early - the joint was more than half empty - but the performance was not lacking. The metallic-flavored cover of 99 Red Balloons was one of many hilarious tunes. Thee Plastics came up next and pumped out the punk classics. They stopped way too soon and the small crowd demanded more. They did another set and wound it all up with a bit of moshing on stage, resulting in the breaking of a neck, guitar neck, that is. That didn't stop 'em, they did another number with the guitarist taking the lead singing position for one last tune before being slammed off the stage by the bassist. Two adoring fans caught him before he hit the floor (strong girls!) and the show was over.
Downstairs the Latin dance lessons were also more than half empty. A few clumsy white folk tried to learn to Salsa while a few Latino youth showed 'em what it should look like on the side.
Caught the Frantic Flattops on Saturday. They've been touring all winter and you could tell - they were a bit weary, far below the usual energy level. Lots of the Star Bar regulars weren't there, leaving ample room for the yup yup yuppie bastards so we cut out after an hour or so. Across the street we found where all the Star Bar faithful packing the Point for Truckadelic, who more than made up for the Flattops' lack of gusto. I had cash for the fridge magnets in hand, only to have them not provide one for me.

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