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Went to 513 club for the first time, at 513 Edgewood not far from Boulevard. It's a nice little joint that's just getting started and the space is cool. But I have one complaint - get some lighting!! We caught the El Caminos and they were backlit for all but 3 seconds of their set. All you could see was silouettes cranking out their 70's/80's heavy glam rock. They're really good at what they do, if you like that sort of thing. We cut out to try to catch Kingsize's midnight show at the Star Bar, only to find the place at sardine capacity. We abandoned hope of seeing 'em and hit the point for beers and B.S.
BLASPHEMY continues this week. Scroll down, get down, get happy, get out more often...

BLASPHEMY, continued:
My response to RVI's response to my response--
>>Tell me WHY, in other words, capitalists are immune to the principles of
Democracy and human rights and why they ought to remain so one second longer.
I don't believe they should be allowed to do with their property whatever they
will if other basic human rights are abused or ignored along the
Okay, let me get this straight. The freedom to post on an internet service is
a basic human right? What about all the people who don't even have a computer
in the first place? Are they being deprived of -their- rights?
You might have a point if the Time Warner had some kind of monopoly on the the
internet. BUT THEY DON'T!!! Do a web search and you will find pages of as
many racist rants as you could possibly stomach. Unlike newspaper publishing,
web publishing is (comparatively) cheaper and easier to be used by any yokel
with an opinion. That's one of the darn nifty things about it. (Then again,
that's also why so many pages suck as badly as they do.)
Freedom of speech may be a basic right (albeit a right that we take entirely
too much for granted and that many people on this planet still don't have) but
access to all major media =isn't=. You claim that the media has a de facto
control over our lives, but I believe that's only true =if you give them that
power.= Finding the truth through the bullshit takes more effort than just
looking at the headlines, but it =can= be done. This little mailing list is
one fine example of that. There are =numerous= venues for 'unfettered' speech
on and off the internet, so if Time Warner declines to provide one, you can
simply ignore them and go elsewhere.
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