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BLASPHEMY, back at ya':
I read the Internet Free Speech rant and I just had to stick my two cents in.
I hate to break it to ya, but the Time Warner guy was fully in the right to
delete that post. The first amendment still applies to government and not to
private corporations. Period. You don't like it, take your business
The thing about free speech on the internet is that =speech ain't free on the
internet=. It's =paid= for. It's either paid for by you, or by your college,
or your company, but bandwidth and server space cost money to maintain. You
were basically demanding that Time Warner =pay= for this guy's racist rant by
keeping it on their server in the name of free speech. It's their board, it's
their game, you don't wanna play it, well, get yerself a computer, set up your
own damn web server and let anybody say anything on it.
degenerate SOS

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