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Lloyd Bridges is dead. Guess I picked a bad time to stop sniffing glue.

Friday the 13th almost lived up to it's rep as the staff hustled from gallery to gallery, errand after errand, and generally seeing crap and getting lost and irritated at every turn. The current Avant Guard - Where Are They Now show at Nexxus sucks. A couple of GSU student shows were far superior.
Saturday was much better to us. Fabulous weather led us to abandon our efforts to update the Ear Plugs site, redo our Live Action Joke Playing Game (now called Just Foolin') and other errands in favor of yard sales and wandering. Later we headed down to the Star Bar and caught the typical Truckadelic set. They rock and it's really tough for any band to follow, not because of any technical perfection but because of sheer energy. They announced their CD release party, to take place at the Star Bar on the 28th I think, and rattled on about their other products for sale. Billy hopped about in red long underwear, occasionally flashing his pale ass to passers by, and they put on a heck of a show, despite nearly non-stop equipment problems. Big Mike and Kelly Hogan were spotted dancing close, along with lots of other local musicians, and by the end of the set the joint was packed.
Drive By Truckers got up and poured out their heart-felt country off their newly released CD. They had a bit of a lineup change since the last time I saw them but the new steel guitar player really kicks ass - almost like a sad theremin. Things got slower, stuffier and hotter and we beat a retreat long before the end of the first set but we'll definitely be looking for the CD next time we hit Wax N' Facts.

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