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Centennial Park is about to reopen - "The Greatest Legacy of the Olympic Games." Well, since we still got the crime, lost the stadium, and ended up with higher rent without any new business for the average man on the street I guess it's only fitting we provide a sleeping place FOR the average man on the street.
Of course, we won't allow the average man on the street to sleep there. It's too nice a park for that. To prevent that they put a big iron fence around the whole damned thing to make it less inviting for any man on the street. Then they couldn't keep the Arts Fest downtown because the place is so uninviting. (Kind of ironic since we abandoned all intellectual pursuits for the Olympic Games in favor of pure athletics.) So this weekend they're having a party for the big grand reopening. Of course, if you've been down there any time over the last year you realize the only part they're reopening is a few square feet of grass - the rest of it has already been reopened for quite some time.
"I read this morning an awful, though monotonous, manifesto in the great organ of public opinion, which always makes me tremble: Olympian bolts; and yet I could not help fancying amid their rumbling terrors I heard the plaintive treble of the Treasury Bench."
Benjamin Disraeli, from a speech at the House of Commons in 1851
Eh, maybe I just felt like stealing the thunder from this bag of hot air.

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