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Josie Kruezer opened up Saturday's Star Bar show with genuine rockabilly and dreamy smiles. Despite breaking strings and missing cues the folks lined up for the CDs after the set.
The chalkboard read "Truckamotherfuckindelic" and the mother fuckers themselves gathered onstage and hyped their $7 CD while doing the usual spectacular set. Fortunately the yup yup yuppie bastards were all at Centinneal Park, or the Braves opening game, or in sports bars watching March "madness" so there was ample breathing room.
(Speaking of, downstairs we chatted with Mike of Kingsized. He mentions his new strategy of getting us regulars back to his shows - he's taking an extra long break after the first set so the suburbanites head back out to the boonies and the regulars can stick around, or show up, and actually see and enjoy the show.)
I haven't fished out the Truckadelic CD yet but I already have one complaint - there's not enough on it! A mere 6 tunes!! Still, worth the $7 no doubt. Ted mentioned their tune on an upcoming Gregory Dean Smalley tribute CD now in recording before breaking into the tune "Viva Valdosta." We headed out around 1:30 and things were still going strong.

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