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We got this from a visitor to our web site:
"Not all of us agree with your review of Madfly over 1 year ago. Since the
Grammy Awards Showcase, their image, music, and style have completely changed.
You should give them a second listen because I feel your review was based on
looks instead of the music. If you want to hear what they are doing now, you
can go to any music store and pick up their cd, "White Hot In The Black". It
seems the executives at Mercury Records have a different opinion than yours.
Their album has been slated to be released on April
Don't take this as one listeners opinion. The album was test marketed in
Roanoke, VA on K92 FM. They have had so much response to their single, "Sleep
Tonight", that it debuted at #17 on their Top 25 list. Within 17 days this
song reached #1 and has been holding for 2 weeks straight. Currently, it's
spinning 58 times a week, which is 8 times per day.
Opinions may vary, but ultimately, the radio decides what's hot and what's

Ho boy... where to begin?
For starters, we ALWAYS base our reviews on the ENTIRE show, audible and visual presentation. We review live shows instead of CD's because it seems to be an area lacking in local media and it's more fun than sitting around just listening to the recording. So no, we didn't base that review on just looks. In fact, we turned our backs on the band and just listened and that's where the "what ever happened to Bon Jovi?" blurb came from.
We had a copy of their first CD, but it was used as target practice at a Degenerate Sportsman's Club gathering, along with a stack of other lousy local CD's. I have since passed over that CD in Wax N Facts' bargain bin many many times. It seems the people that own the store and shop in the store have a different opinion than yours.
As for test markets, fuck 'em. If Van Gogh had based his career on a test market he wouldn't have even sold the one painting in his lifetime he managed to sell.
"I hate the unholy masses and I keep away from them.
Hush your tongues; as a priest of the Muses, I sing
songs never heard before to virgin girls and boys."
Horace, from Odes
Just because the record company pushes it and the radio plays it so many times (8 times a day) that the masses consume it does not make it noteworthy (pun intended.)
However, we do admit that review is outdated and we try to get out and re-view any act we can. We frequently update reviews, for better or worse, so don't be surprised if see them again. And we'll tell you whether they're hot, or they're not. Or you could take their record company's word for it...
Thank you for your interest and feedback! We always like to hear from the folks that receive our broadcasts, even if it seems they have a different opinion than ours.

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