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We've kept it quiet 'cause we didn't want to wreck negotiations but it's come time to announce: Degenerate Press has been bought out. After today we can no longer use the name Degenerate Press, we can no longer broadcast this ezine Electric Degeneration, we have given ove the web pages (which can now be found at an official domain and I'd like to thank them for allowing me this last broadcast under their new address) and I understand the pages themselves are already undergoing some changes. Degeneration Excerpt, our paper publication, has been taken over as well and we hope the new owners of Degenerate Press, Stomp and Stammer's Jeff Clark, continue to produce cutting edge degenerate publications, since their previous works followed our lead anyway.
Your editor will be taking his cash settlement and moving later this month to a small island just east of Cuba. I can probably get good cigars so I'll be sending contraband "so long" gifts as soon as I get settled. I just like to say thanks to all who supported us through the years and I hope to see a few of you at the Central Metals show on Monday, as it will be the last display of my works in this country (thanks for the mention, degenerate GN!)

We finally got around to popping in the Truckadelic CD "Live at the Star Bar" - it's a lie! That's right, we dug through the Ear Plugs archive and found that 3 of the 6 tunes were actually recorded at The Point! Aside from that it's a fair CD, a good reflection of the band itself. And if you get sick of it you can use it as a coaster for your PBR.

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