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We're mentioned in the Loafing again. For once it's not in Greg's colum, it's the internet column regarding local music pages:
"Ear Plugs for Atlanta is another comprehensive site on the local music scene. With this extensive list of reveiws on many Atlanta bands, it's easy to figure out which act is worth the cover charge. Ear Plugs also offers links to band websites for further information on performance schedules."

May 30 at the Cotton Club is the Mentos Freshmaker Tour. I want to know which Illuminati organization is funding Mentos - their ad campaign is perhaps the most irritating in human history, yet the TV ads run every few seconds. Their product is awful (anyone out there been stupid enough to put one in their mouth yet?), they've been spoofed by countless folks, and yet they're sponsoring a rock tour! What the hell?? Is there some weird addictive narcotic in the shit and RJR needed a new product they could target at kids? I just don't get it.

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