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Friday we headed to the vast empitiness of the Masquerade on a stormy night. Nobody was around to see the Corvairs doing rockabilly/garage influenced stuff with a sexy female lead singer backed by some talented guys. Not bad. They did a fair cover of Elvis' Burnin' Love before calling it quits.
Poor Little Fools had sent us some demo tapes that are OK but their live show was much more energetic, despite the 8 people in the audience. We headed out as a three new people came in to take our place but it was obvious there wasn't going to be a packed house, or even a packed table.
Saturday the rockabilly continued. We started at the Point for liquid refreshments. A few people waited in line for Josh Joplin but yet again the crowds were not out and about. We headed over to the Star Bar for Big Elroy's Machine, rockabilly and loungey stuff with a female lead singer with a great voice. They, too, did Elvis, Caught In A Trap.
The Ramblers got up and started right into the rockabilly and swingin'. Caroline's voice is perhaps the best in town and we're still shmoozing our butts off trying to get them for the July 4 bash.
We headed over to the old 688, now officially named Outa Control, for the big 80's retro night. As it's an 18 & up joint most of the folk weren't even walking when this music was around, but that doesn't stop them from dancing to it today. It's funny to think many of the artists they play may have actually played live at the place in it's heyday.
Sunday we headed over to the Dogwood Fest to catch the last tune of Wild West Picture Show, having misread the schedule. Radiant Kings followed, reminded us of the retro night before. Very 80's hopping and posing while playing really mediocre pop. Lots of action, no satisfaction. Kind of what Hanson would sound like if they were a couple years older.

Thanks for all the compliments regarding our April Fools. We had hoped to get the new web site up and running for that day but it didn't happen. Another week or so and it'll be up, we hope. Or maybe we'll just get mired in taxes and it'll be the end of the month.

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