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Driving home on my last $2 worth of gas
The music is broken into, "There are tornadoes in Newnan
And they're headed this way."
And God's chaotic strobe
Lights up a dark and rainy night
Turning it into a bright and slippery day.
And the bank is looking for me
For the -$87 balance I've left them.
I used to feel sorry for cops,
a life of tedious boredom
randomly interspersed with moments of life-threatening terror
followed by paperwork.
But when the sun shines down on me the day after
And it's back to work, payday, time to pay the bills
I realize I police my own life.

Wish there wasn't so much good cop/bad cop.

"It could be worse." Igor
"WORSE?!? How could it be any WORSE?!?" Dr. Frankenstein
"It could be raining." Igor
From Young Frankenstein

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