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When you ask for it, you get it. We ranted about the Point and got more than we bargained for, we wondered about Music Midtown and got someone who refuses to capitalize I, we wondered about Carter's military policy and got... FACTS! Eeeww, what's wrong with you people?!?
Next time we'll just ask for cash.

More info on the Point's sound guy:
>Don't forget, the coke head behind the board at the Point also keeps a
>gun back there!! Doesn't that make you feel safe?
Katy of Catfight

>First of all, I like Kendall and I like VO5, but I don't think that anyone in
>the Atlanta music scene should be throwing stones when it comes to drug use.
>I don't know what kind of music "the sound guy" listens to when he is not
>working (I don't think that matters), but I do know that he lives roughly an
>hour and a half out of town with his wife and 5 children, and that many times
>when "he's been up all night and needed to go home and get some sleep" is
>because he works nights (don't forget that sound guys come in at 6 or 7 to
>"try" to soundcheck bands that are usually late and then they have to stay at
>the club until all the bands decide to quit acting like rock stars and put
>down their drinks and get their equipment out...which usually gets the "sound
>guy" out, oh, around 4 or 5 in the morning, after getting everything shut down
>and put up) and then tries to spend an adequate amount of time with his
>family. On top of that he spends many many hours maintaining the system at the
>club. Believe me, I know that sound engineers can be very frustrating at
>times, it's one of those little hassles that go along with being in a live
>band. That is why I think that you (Kendall) have made a wise decision about
>not wanting to play live, because if you think that Ernie Dale is a pain well
>then you should deal with some of the sound engineers you meet on the road.
>With all due respect for other bands and sound engineers,
>Trish (Glass Candle Grenade)
And a big damn report on the Music Midtown thang:
>Friday was nice. Not too crowded, although I'd been hoping for rain to
>make it even less so. Derek Trucks was what you'd expect, Indigo Girls
>was too crowded to bother with for long but they changed guitars every
>song and sounded like they always do, some local fool with a funny name
>and a violin in his band was weird but not that good, eve 6 was wimpy
>pretty punkish pop, memory dean was nothing like they were when they
>played some bar at georgia southern every week, reggae cowboys were
>amusing and good but i couldn't find anything but dope-smoking white
>teenagers in the audience, and robert cray was excellent. i would have
>really like to see morphine but as it was in the cotton club of course
>there wasn't even room on the sidewalk.
>saturday i went early and got to see loud american tourists in the cotton
>club. their name is better than they are, but they are just kids having
>fun. they do a not bad version of the spin doctors/311 thing and the
>guitarist refuses to play single notes. the best act was some street
>drummer from charlotte with a shopping cart full of stuff who played like
>a madman in a junkyard.
>i went home for a nap. when i came back, it was a zoo. what had earlier
>been open space was now full of people, and in front of stages was insane.
>cracker rocked, although they played all well-known songs with little
>deviation from recorded versions. sister hazel whom i had no respect for
>turned about 2 acres of the crowd into a seething mosh with 12 year-olds
>surfing across the top. kool & the gang looked more like bel-biv-devoe
>with colored outfits, syncronized moves, and underlings to demand support
>from the crowd. david byrne was a sad parody of himself getting vocal
>support from a female singer; his new stuff was not concert-worthy but he
>played a lot of talking heads which was very fun to dance to. the bayou
>swamp band consists entirely of amazing musicians; i'm assuming chubby
>carrier was the accordion player but the bass player was even better and a
>whole lot fatter.
>i got thrown out at 5:30 am as i was riding my bike through the park. i'd
>come back to see what it looked like without people, and somebody had a
>late night job and had picked up all the trash and made the place look
>clean. security consisted of an old man dozing and someone who radioed
>him and said to get off his ass and catch me. next year i think people
>could steal all kinds of stuff if they had the inclination.
>sunday i was exhausted. a little bit of another man down was plenty;
>maybe they're better at their weekly acoustic gig. violent fems was
>strictly old-school for the first 5 songs, which was all i could take. if
>you like their album with the little girl on the cover, youd've like this.
>bella fleck was highly impressive, but i had to go home for a nap.
>overall, it seemed that the organizers made playing only radio hits a
>requirement to get booked at this gig, which is really too bad considering
>i own a radio. whatever budweiser paid to sponsor a stage they made back
>in spades; bud family products were available in 16 oz. cans for $4, and
>as water was $2 and lemonade $3, everybody was drinking beer. my one
>visit to the port-o-let made me thank whatever gods smile upon me for
>making me a man.
>maybe next year i'll stand on west peachtree and drink 40s in paper bags.
>you can hear just as well and it's not as crowded.
degenerate JAH

More on the Carter/Reagan Sub/Building:
>Ironically enough, Carter approved what was then the largest peace-time
>military budgets in the history of the world (Reagan just kept adding to
>it), with concentrations on Emergent Technologies (ET) and R&D. Reagan took
>all the credit, as the development came on-line during his admin.
>So it's not really that ironic.
>Irony would be a VA building named after RWR, since he spent all our tax
>money on weapons (so his pals could have their slab o' ribs) and *cut*
>veteran's benefits. And a lot of those poor VFW bastards still worship
>their former Bastard-in-Chief.
degenerate JDP

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