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This weekend is going to be a whirlwind tour for Degenerate Press reporters. We're stuffing our faces at the Greek Fest Friday night. Then running over to the Star Bar to see The Drive By Truckers and try to convince them to do our July 4 bash. Sadly we'll miss the 6X show and, even sadder, they had to pass on performing at our July 4, despite the many requests from our readers specifically for them. Saturday we can't miss The Hate Bombs at the Star Bar, but we will run over to the Point and try to convince Ultrababyfat to do July 4 as well. Sunday we gotta struggle through the assembly of this marvelous bit of journalism and tripe, as well as continue the quest for entertainment for YOUR enjoyment at our swell party. Stay tuned.
And here's more on the Point:
>Regarding Trish's defense of Ernie...
>She is absolutely right about throwing stones and drug use. However, I
>made that comment because it seems to impair his ability to do his job.
>Katy G is right about the gun too, Someone told me last week that he
>pulled it on a band. I do understand that he has a family and a tough job,
>but we all make choices and he is expected to do his job as I am mine. My
>band always tried (and suceeded) to be at sound check on time and be extra
>extra nice to all the sound guys we dealt with. Alot of the local guys ARE
>great. I am glad that Ernie is a decent enough person to have someone who
>is still willing to vouch for him and if he is burned out on dealing with
>rock stars there's thousands of other jobs in the big city.
Kendall, from VO5

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