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Friday we headed into the wilds of suburbia for the Marietta Greek Fest for a full-on face stuffing. The food was tasty, the dancers were fiesty, and the traveling fair in the parking lot was overpriced so we headed back to civilization. The Star Room Boys opened the Star Bar with country, strait up, hold the rock. If you like to cry in your beer you'll like 'em. The lead singer has a great voice!
Drive By Truckers pulled up but a belly full of Greek food weighed heavy on our Friday night stamina and we headed out. A glance at their set list proved we never could have made it to the end.
Saturday John Dunn picked us up in his swell '72 Cutlass and dragged us off to a sex toy tupperware party. The Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee sex tape, the highest selling porno of all time, was on the tube (a review will appear in Degeneration Excerpt, our paper zine, in June) and the joint was decked out in just about every adult novelty imaginable, and some unimaginable. Eventually the novelty of it wore off and we cruised back to the Star Bar to catch, coincidentally, The Penetrators surfing through their set. They did their upcoming CD in it's entirety and it sounded great.
The Hate Bombs did what they always do - explode as soon as they take the stage. They cranked through a few new ones and a bunch of not so new before we had to sneak over to the Point for Ultrababyfat. Now three (lucious) girls up front and a guy on drums, they rock harder than the last incarnation I saw, sounding kinda like Veruca Salt. They gave away a stack of free singles, still labeled "Babyfat" and did a lengthy encore before calling it quits. A quick jog back over to the Star Bar got me in the door just in time to see the Bombs strike their last chord, knock the drumset to bits and fall off the stage in hysterical laughter.

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