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The VO5 have finally picked a new name, after they were ordered to stop using that one by the shampoo police. The French Kiss of Death is the new moniker.
Our roving reporters headed to the Star Bar Friday for the Rock*A*Teens CD release party and brought back the first bad review of the 'Teens and the Star Bar ever. The mixing was bad and the set list didn't include anything off the new CD, which the didn't have any with them to sell at their own release party! Ooops!!

Yet more on the smoking issue:
>You're gonna raise
>hell about smoking? Hmm, that's a personal rights attack, no matter how
>well-meaning you are or how stupid the perpetrators are for doing it. Smoking
>is deadly and stinky and it makes your teeth yellow, but if I'm over here with
>no kids and a huge outdoors to smoke in, how exactly is it hurting you? Taxes
>for medical expenses? The tobacco companies' stranglehold on the government? So
>what's the difference in that prejudice and one against drinkers? Or people who
>are promiscuous? Same old arguments, over and over... and all I can say is I do
>what *I* want and hope everyone else has the freedom to do the same, even if it
>means being deceived, used, murdered, abused, sickened - some enjoy that kind
>of decadence. To each his own, right?
I don't care what the smokers do to themselves. I brought it up because the corporations pushing the stuff are blatantly lying. However, it's not at all like drinking, it's more like drinking and driving. We try to prevent drinking and driving not just because the driver is potentially killing themselves, but they're in danger of killing others as well. When I walk into the Star Bar and the joint is so thick with smoke you can barely see, it's not just the smokers killing themselves. Yeah, I could avoid the place, and all other music venues, any area outside a no smoking building where the addicts surround the place like a castle under seige, restaurant patios, and any of the countless other places where I've been subjected to second hand smoke, just so some dumbass can believe the lies fed to them by the corporations they seem to worship. But I don't think it's fair that the smokers get to ruin the air for everyone. Yeah, it's an attack on personal rights alright - my right to fucking breathe.

"Mind if I smoke?"
"Mind if I fart??"
Steve Martin

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