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Friday night at the Point took off with King Lear Jet, kind of a droney Psychedelic Furs without keyboards. They did a couple of instrumentals as well, even breaking into a reggae number, in their short set. #1 Family Mover was #2 with their usual good stuff. As is usual in Atlanta clubs, the guitars were too loud to hear the lyrics, however. In the hundreds of shows we've covered I can recall maybe five that were mixed so that you could actually understand the song's words. At best you'll catch the chorus! What the hell? Anyone out there mix these shows? Are you deaf from too many nights in front of the speakers?? Wake up, or get a hearing aid!!
Anyhow, the Movers were moving but moved off too soon so that Jazz Butcher could take over. We were beat from a long day at the office so we moved ourselves out of there.
Anyone get to Music Midtown? Send us a report!

InSite magazine used to constantly insult my intelligence with it's college-students-are-all-drunk-jocks attitude when it was University Reporter. A name change and some change of focus had improved things, for a while. They still print the irritating What's Hip and What's Not column, which swings between just stupid to deeply offensive, as well as vacation reports from places no student could afford. But this week features a really SWELL article about how we slack deGeneration Xer's are not slack. Hey, I don't work my ass off avoiding work and doing slack B.S. like this email zine, several web pages, and a print zine for nothing! The article goes on to say we're "the harbinger of a new age in America's corporate culture." Thanks, but no thanks. I got yer harbinger right here...
What, my arrogance is actually "fierce independence" that can be channeled to make me and "independent problem solver"? Yeah, like I give a shit about Corporate America's problems.
The article goes on and on about what I can do to be a "value-adder" for some corporate overlord. I really can't decide WHO this article is FOR. Any degen Xer's out there already sucked into corporate hell are already playing the game, they don't need this cheerleader crap. For those of us slack, or smart, to put up with it we don't WANT this cheerleader crap! Which leaves the article only one possible outlet - the corporations themselves. It seems the writer wants you to look on our "negative stereotypes" as useful tools to be exploited, don't fire us - hire us!
I offer a new interpretation: Hey, corporate America, put up with those degen Xers 'cause YOU MADE THEM. That's right, your TV, your ads, your disposable culture, your lack of loyalty to your employees and country, your lack of ethics and morals created us and, like Dr. Frankenstein, now you gotta deal with it.
Or you could just pull up stakes and move your operations to Mexico, where the labor is cheap and hungry and leave us to figure out what to do with all our spare time.
Hasta la vista, baby.

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