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Viagra - is it just me or does anyone else think the LAST thing the earth needs are more horny old men?!? And does it seem ironic that Jimmy Carter gets a nuclear sub named after him but Ronald Reagan gets a Federal building and international trade center?

I asked for a report from Music Midtown and got, amongst others, this copy of a letter to the AJC:
>The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
>I was appalled to note your Music Midtown coverage on Sunday referring
>to the large turnout at the Locals Only Stage as a "random act of
>kindness" for "no name" bands. Leave it to the gang of dope addled
>hacks that you employ to take a point of civic achievement and turn it
>into an oafish insult. I don't suppose it's possible that the quality
>of the local acts presented might be enough to draw a listener or two.
>I guess it never crossed anyone mind that just maybe this could be
>reported as evidence of the dedication both artists and audience have to
>creating and supporting a vibrant Atlanta music scene. For a paper that
>is a shameless promoter of things Atlantan, you might examine how they
>did it in Seattle, or (gasp!) Athens.
>Richard "Spike" Fullerton
>KingSized (local no name act you probably haven't heard of)

I also asked what was wrong with the sound guy at the Point and got another spirited answer:
>I'll tell ya what wrong with the soundman at the Point-he's a sorry ass
>coke head that listens to crappy music when he's not working. After being
>told that we couldn't get the soundcheck we'd been promised because he had
>been up all night and needed to go home and get some sleep, I decided that
>I didn't like playing live enough to make it worthwile to put up with
>losers like him.
>Kendall -The Velvet Overkill 5

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