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"For undemocratic reasons and for motives not of State,
They arrive at their conclusions - largely inarticulate.
Being void of self-expression they confide their views to none;
But sometimes in a smoking room, one learns why things were done."
Rudyard Kipling, from "Of the English"

The smoking debacle continues, but I'm snuffing the flames after this one. Getting sick of the smoke just reading about it and it's as tedious as smokers screaming about their "rights." Scroll down for your toke o' the day.

Tuesday Dottie's pushed back their normal DJ night for Beyondsemble, a cute name for a bunch of kids exemplifying the reason I despise modern jazz.
"If you get near a tune play it."
Groucho Marx
My modem is more melodic! Racket.
Meanwhile, back at the farm, our many efforts to find bands for our big July 4 bash are progressing slower than expected. We'd like to assemble a very eclectic mix so if you're in a band and don't have plans July 4 email us PLEASE.
On the tube you can catch the new Smashing Punkins video and think "Uncle Fester or Nosferatu - guess Billy just can't decide."
Masquerade, always one to follow the trend about two years too late, has brought back foam parties and has started a rockabilly night, both on Wednesdays.
The Loaf's adult zine The Scene has a write up of the Star Bar for their June 6 issue, complete with pics of Truckadelic.

I basically agree with the writer about what "freedom" means, although in
fairness to the other who said Star Bar isn't a public place. WRONG.
That's why there are licenses, the ADA and city codes; there is no real
doubt that government CAN regulate the damn Star Bar if they want; I the
point is that they shouldn't.
My only other complaint is that I sort of think its ludicrous for States
like Georgia to be able to step to the plate and try to sue big tobacco
with the rest of the vultures hungry for a piece of the billion dollar pie.
The companies, because of their lies, may be an easy target; but the power
of tobacco is more complicated than that. Georgia pays big subsidies to
Farmers; tobacco allotments are prized possessions in the farming
community; we use state agencies to promote the sell; and state officers to
assist with the crops; its big business with a tremendous trickle down and
I just damn well don't know if they deserve any of that money (contributory
negligence if you will).
And as far as that tax goes; the man who said it was a "class" thing as
right and you damn well better believe that those same "enslaved" minority
are going to be hit hardest by any tax on the mighty cigarette. The rich
can already afford $5 a pack; the poor, well, they're going to have to
steal your TV to get that kind of money. hehehehehehhohohoohohaaa.
Once again you explain to me how prohibiting tobacco would be any different
from prohibiting alcohol and at least we have a starting place. I don't
see it.
degenerate DAC

Smoking debate? After reading all the arguments, I gotta tell you, your subscribers aren't really that smart. I believe everyone has a right to think, say and/or do whatever they want but when it comes to defending their rights on paper these people don't have the first clue. These arguments, particularly Degenerate JB's, are completely irrational! There are no concrete statements, no facts, no "new" ideas...just a bunch of whiners bitching about cigarettes and The Star Bar (?). Hell, let 'em all smoke up and DIE. Maybe your next batch of subscribers will know how to properly state their cases and use a little support to defend 'em. Where is Godzilla when you need him!?
degenerate VLP

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