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The July 4 bash is coming along, not exactly smoothly but it's coming. Invites are in the mail at this moment so check yer snail mail. Should you fail to get one it's either because a) I don't have your correct address or b) the U.S. postal service is imperfect. However, don't fear, directions will appear in this email next week for those victims of human error!
Meanwhile, here's a report from another subscriber who is capaphobic:
started with the symphony at piedmont, usual fabulous music, usual fabulous
setting... if only you could remove all the chatting, laughing, volleyball
playing attendees who seem oblivious to the purpose of the gathering & have no
concern for anyone's experience but their own.
on to dottie's to catch a the opening act, king's english. could only make it
through 3 numbers, if that tells you anything. i felt sorry for the band
members, because they were not altogether bad, but the front man... felt
sorry for the front man, because, well, he was the front man. he reminded me
of the watchdog from best little whorehouse in texas. he wanted to be loose
and have fun, you could tell he wanted it real bad.
over to the star bar for alejandro escovedo. despite
my inability to be sure on his name, the performance was stunning. first set
was some of the most talented string & guitar playing i've seen, performed
sitting down. the second set was some of the most talented string & guitar
playing i've seen, performed standing up. the range was superb & always kept
me anxious for what would be next. from a moving rendition or pale blue eyes
with kelly hogan, to a version of iggie pop's i wanta be your dog, that may
have outdone iggie's performance that i caught last summer. couldn't make
myself leave until the last encore wrapped up, but then...
back to dottie's for the last half of the kaiser's. i must have been more
impressed than you. the only thing that might have outdone the musical charm
of their airtight performance was the lead's cigarette tricks while playing
fast and furious. i thought they were probably the best thing dottie's will
see in a while.
degenerate AA

In watching the World Cup there is one sponsor's ad that irritates me every time. "Join the U.S. Army, the toughest, smartest army in the world." I will grant the smartest part. We've probably got the best intelligence, weaponry, and military leadership (political leadership is an entirely different issue.) However, toughest?? I'll take a pack of pissed off Afganistani soldiers over any slack U.S. soldier any day, if equally equipped. And what the heck was Vietnam? Shit, even Iran beat us in soccer...

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